Friday, November 15, 2013

Our home in a real book!!

I love gifts!! Especially when there is something excited about it! Holly from Avenue Lifestyle dropped by in the shop last week to hand me the great inspirational book: "Wohnideen aus dem wahren leben" What is so special about this book? Apart from the fact that it is a really cool book to get inspired by many "normal" homes, which are all photographed by bloggers, our home was photographed by Holly Marder for this book. Thank you Holly! Another present last week came from "Het Bloemenbureau" (The Flower Agency) It was the plant of the month, the Bromelia. I bought some more of those and placed them in an brocante bowl. Other things on these photo's are the little nobody from Hay and a beautiful recoloured carpet from Femkeido Shop

I wish you all a very nice weekend! X


  1. Well I'm pretty proud that we're both in the same book:-) so fabulous!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Gaaf joh! daar mag je best trots op zijn!

    Fijn weekend,


  3. Gefeliciteerd wat moet dat een gek gevoel zijn om je huis in een boek tegen te komen. Fijn weekend, Pascale

  4. Tof Tof Tofferdetof!! Fijne zondag :)