Sunday, November 10, 2013

New art & Cactus in the house

Today was a day to do some things in my house. Yesterday we finally picked up the beautiful photo from Scarlett Hooft Graafland we bought at "Start buying art" from We Like Art. Once I placed it on our piano, it immediately felt like something missing on the piano so I set my mind on getting some plants, cactuses and a other plants which are easy to care for. When Juul and I arrived at the garden center it was quite clear they wanted us to seduce to buy some early Christmas stuff. We got through it quite undamaged, apart from buying some reindeers ;)

Photo's: Femkeido


  1. Dat ziet er weer super uit! Leuk hoe de cactussen hun herintrede doen!
    Staat geweldig!

  2. Prachtige foto Femke....en jij hebt er ook weer mooie foto's van gemaakt.


  3. de cactus is hot! de art foto prachtig! and I like your piano.... wil er ook 1 in huis, ben alleen bang dat ik er spijt van krijg. Ping ping ping de hele dag ... jongens niet op die piano rammen!

    haha... groetjes, Stephanie