Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Marquee Light Letters through Etsy!

Firstly I was inspired by the shop "Bird" in Brooklyn, New York, then I seem to be seeing them more and more, I got a real thing with so called Marque Light letters. They are great to do something "different" with a space or room and what about to use as decoration for a wedding or other event? I have been searching around the web and found great companies who make those letters (order made) on Etsy! Check it out! Any letter you want, any colour you like. I really can't get this out of my head - so probably very very soon to be found in my house. After some research on the internet I am pleased to reccommend you a few great vendors to buy them:

Are you looking for rusty steel good quality letters like in the photo above? You should shop them at Vintage Marquee Lights

You might be looking for a simple font letter? Then this shop is where you should be! They  are available in 25 different colours, so eat your heart out!

Maybe you like the Carnival or so called Circus letters? There are many variations possible with these ones. They are also good priced. Please note that these letters are made of carbon and foamboard.


  1. superleuk! ben ook al een tijdje op zoek, maar er nog niet over uit welke het moet worden.... x

  2. Echt gaaf. Zie ze ook op pinterest voorbij komen. Je bovenste foto zet ik ook op m'n bord. Thx :)) x

  3. Jaaaa zo tof he! Kunnen jullie die niet gaan verkopen?! :) Wil het altijd nog een keertje zelf proberen, alleen het snoer met zulke ronde kleine lampjes vinden is zo lastig, was vorig jaar begonnen maar niet heel veel keus geloof ik op de nederlandse markt...